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  • תמונת הסופר/תOren Farber

איך להבין מאמרים מדעיים

בדיוק כמו חוזים משפטיים, גם למאמרים מדעיים/אקדמיים יש שפה ייחודית שאינה תמיד ברורה למי שאינו מצוי בסוד העניינים, אבל זו לא תהיה בעיה עבורכם אחרי שתעברו על הרשימה הבאה:

Phrase: It has long been known

Translation: I haven't bothered to look up the reference


Phrase: It is believed

Translation: I think


Phrase: It is generally believed

Translation: A couple of other guys think so too


Phrase: It is not unreasonable to assume

Translation: I have no idea what it actually is and neither do you


Phrase: Of great theoretical importance

Translation: I find it kind of interesting


Phrase: Of great practical importance

Translation: I can get some mileage out of it


Phrase: Typical results are shown

Translation: The best results are shown


Phrase: 3 samples were chosen for further study

Translation: The others didn't make sense, we ignored them


Phrase: The 4 hours sample was not studied

Translation: I dropped it on the floor


Phrase: The significance of these results is unclear

Translation: Look at the pretty artifact


Phrase: It has not been possible to provide definitive answers

Translation: The experiment was negative, but at least I can publish the data somewhere


Phrase: Correct within an order of magnitude

Translation: Wrong


Phrase: It might be argued that

Translation: I have such a good answer for that objection that I shall now raise it


Phrase: Much additional work will be required

Translation: This paper is not very good, but neither are all the others in

this miserable field


Phrase: These investigations proved highly rewarding

Translation: My grant is going to be renewed


Phrase: I thank X for assistance with the experiments and Y for useful

discussions on the interpretation of the data

Translation: X did the experiment and Y explained it to me.



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